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I started at Heart Care some 10 years ago after my Heart attack and have been a regular since then, my wife also joins me and we both feel the a benefit from regular controlled exercise. Heart Care has I feel been very good to me with its accessibility to exercise, information and both medical and exercise assistance. It is also useful to talk to people there about your problem and there is always someone who has had the same problem as yourself. It is also a sociable place to go and relax during your exercise sessions. There are also social events to try and help to raise money to keep the facility open.

David Rock

Cliff originally started to use the Heart Care facilities after a heart attack 25 years ago and is now one of Heart Care’s oldest patients at 85. He says Heart Care has been very useful in keeping him fit ever since. He says he has made a lot of friends at Heart Care, it’s a straightforward service and he would certainly recommend it. He says he looks forward to his weekly visits.

Cliff Stokes aged 85

I had a triple heart bypass five and half years ago aged 60. I had never heard of Heart Care until then, I did the 13 weeks rehabilitation course and found it very helpful, not knowing what to expect and how much exercise I could do. After my 13 week rehabilitation I carried on going as it helped to know that if anything happened there a Doctor, Nurses and Physios were on hand to help, unlike a normal gym. You get to know the other patients who have been through the same experience as you and can talk to them and make friends, so it is a social gathering as well.

I would recommend anyone who has had heart problems to attend after the 13 week rehabilitation course.

Val Skelding

Mark Bradley 48, who had an Implantable Cardio Defibrilator

This gentleman who had been referred for the 13 week programme also was having problems with his memory, 6 months of memory lost.

  • Staff had been excellent, efficient, smooth, professional and quelled any uncertainty. Staff brilliant at reinforcing the hospitals information. Helping to remind him of the memories he has lost.
  • Difference between Heart Care and a hospital is that the hospitals are more clinical, there you only have a 5 minute consultation.
  • At Heart Care you receive practical help, a bit more time, personal help and the ability importantly for this gentlemen to recap on some of his needs.
  • Experience of other patients at Heart Care makes you feel more comfortable is reassuring.

Arthur Yarnold, 57 Heart Transplant in December 2010

  • Without Heart Care would never have achieved what he has – lost all muscle tone in hospital, struggled to walk had to relearn this.
  • Expert help he received from the team was phenomenal.
  • He says he comes to Heart Care as much to chat and exercise his tongue as he does to exercise with the other patients there is a sense of community, he has made loads of friends with people he would never have the opportunity to come into contact with previously.
  • Unlike a normal gym because everyone is or was a heart patient there is no sense of competition like normal gyms he said he does more now that he did at the gym 7 years ago.
  • “Wouldn’t be here without Heart Care”.
  • “If something does go wrong this is where you want it to go wrong”.
  • Heart Care helped him to exercise his body and his mind after 10 ½ weeks in hospital his head went numb.



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